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Adriatic Pearls

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Claims & Effects

For radiant skin and a healthy glow. Advanced cellular hydration & remineralisation.

Synergy of natural Mediterranean ingredients and pearly luxury to accentuate feminine beauty: pearls, essential sea minerals and an innovative extract of the native Mediterranean carob with clinically proven promotion of skin glow and advanced cellular hydration. Provides an instant subtle and healthy glow under sunlight or spotlight, that brings life to all skin types, especially dull and tired looking facial skin, while also brightening dark circles around the eye area.

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Key Ingredients

Pearl extract, Essential sea minerals, Carob extract, Pearls are a symbol of wealth, the sea and the perfection of feminine beauty. They are composed mainly of calcium, whereas sea salt minerals are mainly sodium and magnesium. Blended together in Pearl of Adria illuminating serum, they form an ideal balance of essential minerals of marine origin for skin cell remineralization. Carob extract is the component of the serum that symbolizes the seashore. The ancient homeland of the carob (Ceratonia siliqua, L.) is the Mediterranean region. This ancient plant has been highly respected since antiquity because of the nutritional value of its fruits. It is also known as a „St John’s bread“, as it is said that it was a source of nutrition for John the Baptist while he was living in the wild. In contrast to its rich past, its remarkable cosmeceutical value has been recognized only recently.


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